What are the skills of a good contract administrator for a construction project?

What are the skills of a good contract administrator for a construction project?

to manage something important, we need to identify what it is. Construction management or administration is a special skill and the four key tenants of it are quality, budget, time and safety. An additional responsibility of construction administration is supply chain management, regulatory compliance, reporting and supply chain management.

To manage the time and deadline of a construction project, you need to ensure that all the items are planned properly including materials, future labor requirements, compliance and regulatory requirement and identifying and mitigating construction difficulties.

Among the contract administrator skills, time management strategy comes first. There are several methods of measuring the construction performance and it may significantly vary in emphasis and approach:

Making the right timeframe

Reporting periodically on duration taken from the start of the construction stage to the end of the stage should come. It may allow the comparison across different supervisors but it is very much simple as it may assume that all contracts should take exact duration at similar stages.


Contract administrators require special skill to fulfill their job. They are responsible for planning and coordinating different construction projects that can include the building of bridges, roads or other types of commercial and residential properties. They need to manage the entire project or the part of one. They will schedule all the construction process that may occur.  

These professionals are known as project managers also and they often supervise the project from its design stage through the final construction. They ensure that the project is done in a timely manner and completed under the set budget. When you are building a large structure like an office building, it may require several project managers to complete the project effortlessly.

Other roles of the workers are to get products to the site and to determine the proper scheduling in order to complete the project. A contract administrator will also oversee the hiring of trade contractors, in order to have such specialities like the important metalworking or electrical work done on the building.

The working condition of the management job is usually on the construction site and most of the person needs to work more than 40 hours in a week to meet the deadlines of the project. They need to have all the safety skills because the job can be dangerous when they are performing the on-site services.

Most of the companies prefer to hire managers with hands-on training, a degree in construction management or building science. Some of the construction workers may work also their way up through the trade to become successful.

Not only project management but the contract administrator skills may include estimating the cost of a project, managing the cost and using it properly at the right place. They should have good knowledge and understanding of construction drawings, blueprint, 3D auto-cad and other latest construction tools and materials requires for a construction project. This is actually a highly responsible job that requires a bunch of skills, experience and knowledge of the person.

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