There are a lot of reasons that inspire a student to study abroad. Someone gets inspired by the technology that they imagine to have in developed countries (as shown in Hollywood movies), some are inspired by people like Sundar Pichai and Parag Agrawal who have established themselves in the international market, and some are inspired by movies showing heroines studying abroad and earning dollars (yes, most heroines are shown studying, heroes are either gangster or loafer, don’t be like those heroes).

Inspiration is fine, but how many of us actually take inspiration seriously and converts them to work for our dreams? If you want to study abroad, you have to go through so many formalities like immigration documents, clear exams like IELTS or TOEFL, contact transcript service providers, procure your university transcripts, (if you are a student of Pune University, you will need Pune University Transcript), etc. The cost of education abroad is another factor that ruins this inspiration. But I have something in this article to cheer you up. I will tell you how you can study abroad and fulfill your aspirations in a number of ways. Let’s see how.

The first thing that I want you to reflect on is why do you want to study abroad? The obvious answer is to gain a quality education. But deep down you know what the actual reason is. Do you want to live and experience life in a foreign country? Do you want to get a degree from a foreign university or do you simply want to study abroad? For each of the purposes mentioned above, you have different ways to fulfill them. First, if you want to experience life in a foreign country, enroll for full-time or part-time graduation or post-graduation courses. If you want to experience life for a while you can apply for a student exchange program.

A student exchange program literally means the exchange of students. There are many colleges that have affiliates and partnerships with institutes in other countries. So in this program, students from these partner colleges interchange their college for a semester or two.

If ABC in India and XYZ in the US are partner institutes for the student exchange program, then students from ABC College will fly to the US to study one of their semesters there. And students from XYZ College will come to India for the same. Unlike a full-time course in a foreign institute, you don’t have to spend the entire 2-3 years studying abroad. You will have to complete either 1 or 2 semesters as per your student exchange program. This will save a lot of money if you just want to experience a student’s life in a foreign country.

The study duration is brief and for a short time, but still, the documentation and immigration process will be the same. Depending upon the institutes, you may or may not have to present a transcript certificate. You can check the same with the institutes and contact worldwide transcript services for the same.

Next, some students consider only a degree that holds a value that certifies the quality of education. For them, a degree from foreign universities is proof that they have received a quality education and hence they can apply for certain jobs in certain companies with that degree. For such students, an online program is the best option. This pandemic has boosted work from home and online education. And therefore many renowned foreign universities are also providing full-time or part-time degree courses online now.

The advantage of an online course is you don’t actually have to be physically present in the classroom. It is the same as distance education from IGNOU or any other distance learning university but here you will receive a degree from foreign universities. This means you don’t have to go through immigration documents. But you may need to provide transcripts as proof of your past courses. Online education can save a lot of money required for living expenses.

So these are a few ways in which you can get qualified from universities abroad. While there will be a big difference in documentation and immigration for each type, you will probably need a transcript for all. For such documentation requirements, you can get in touch with Worldwide transcript services. Hope you found this article useful. Now it’s your turn. Please let us know why you want to study abroad?