Finding the perfect home for yourself or for the family is nothing short of a stressful task. But once you find that one place, you would assume that the major part of the task is over, however it really is just the beginning. First off, pat yourself on the back for finding the one place that ticks all the boxes for you and your family, and then brace yourself for the real work to begin.

So when you have to move into a new home, you would of course look for one of the best but also an affordable moving company. Moving across a distance is usually quite hectic and expensive, but when you’re moving somewhere close by, it isn’t much of an issue – what the main problem is, is packing up everything and the preparation for making the move.

While moving is an entire experience of its own, with mixed emotions of a bit of excitement and then some anxiousness, there are some factors that you should probably consider when making the move. We’ve listed down 5 things that should definitely be part of your checklist, because of course everyone would have personalized lists of their own.

1. Setting up Connectivity

Internet connectivity is now considered a fundamental part of a household because there really is no going about your day without needing the internet. You require the internet in order to send texts, make video calls, send emails, and in some homes with smart devices, control the lighting, the thermostat, and the management of any other smart device present.

The main question here though is how to transfer internet service when moving. Well, for that you can contact customer service at FirstEnergy Home and find out your options. Subscribing to a new internet service can have a lot of formalities attached to it, and there are also termination costs if your current internet plan contract isn’t over as yet. Then again it all comes down to which internet providers are available in your region.

2. Changing the Locks

When moving into a new home, you would probably already have arranged for installing a security system in place. And rightfully so because home security is very important. That being said, changing the locks of your new home is also a great way to ensure your home’s security. Locks can get picked, keys can be stolen, and anything can happen.

One idea is to install smart door locks. These are monitored and managed through smartphone apps and are essentially keyless and tamperproof – which makes them perfect. The locks can only be unlocked through the apps or through personalized passcodes, it all depends on the kind of smart door lock you pick. But nevertheless, it’s still better than a door lock that requires a physical key.

3. Deep Clean and Fumigate

Cleaning up your home is not a negotiable chore, because who would want to come back to a home that hasn’t been cleaned? In the same way, when moving into a new place, you should do a deep clean of the residence and also fumigate the place to get rid of any bugs that may have settled in while the house was empty or getting worked on.

It’s much more difficult to clean up the place once everything has been moved in and it also makes the task even tougher because there is a fair chance that even your belongings would then require cleaning. So why not fumigate the new residence and then do a deep clean to enter into a spotless new home?

4. Child Proofing (If Necessary)

When moving to a new place, there is bound to be clutter in the first few days while you unpack boxes and set up the new home. For that reason in particular and generally so, if you have young kids, then it’s best to childproof the place so that the setup of the new home is easier. Here’s how you can childproof the place if you have to.

  • Spread out boxes instead of stacking them one on top of the other and leaving them on countertops.
  • Cover up any power outlets that are within reach of the kids.
  • Use a separate space to discard any boxes and plastic that have to be disposed of.
  • Tamperproof any door locks and knobs, and add locks to any cabinets and drawers.
  • Securely lock all windows and vents
  • Keep breakable items and sharp objects on higher surfaces or cabinets.

5. Explore The Neighborhood!

Get to know your new neighbors! When moving to a new area, it is a great idea to get to know your neighbors and for them get acquainted with the new family in the neighborhood or building. This helps in creating a sense of security and community so that you know who your neighbors are because you may also require their help too sometimes, and vice versa.

Besides, it’s a great way to make new friends, and get to know more about the neighborhood and the vicinity too.


Understandably so the whole process of moving is overwhelming in itself, especially when you have young kids. It is equally stressful when it’s just you or you and your partner – any sort of help is always appreciated. But before all of that, you should definitely make a to-do list to make sure you’re not missing out on anything that needs to be done. And definitely add the above five points to your list too.