Must visiting islands of Seychelles

islands of Seychelles

If you want to have a dreamy vacation that will not cost you much, then Seychelles is your place to be. This truly tropical paradise is a constellation of around 150 small islands in the Indian Ocean known for its tropical weather, natural scenic beauty, clear translucent water, white sand beaches, and lush green areas and mountains. Seychelles is perfect for people who want a getaway from their busy lives, or for newlyweds, or for people who love beaches and water sports. Book your getaway with Cleartrip and also enjoy discounts on accommodations, flights, and activities with the use of theCleartrip coupon code UAE, which is easily accessible through

There are many places to see and Seychelles, so make sure you have your time.


The first place to visit is the Mahe Island, which is also the largest island of the constellation. With lush green forests, gorgeous beaches, vanilla, and cinnamon farms. It is also known for its heritage clock tower and botanical gardens. Don’t forget to get benefit from the use of Cleartrip coupon code UAE as it can offer you good savings. It is very feasible to find the coupon codes as they are present online for your convenience. You just need to spend few minutes online to find the best coupons.


The second place, and also a must in your list should be Victoria which is also the capital city of Seychelles. Located on the northern side of Mahe, it is known for its luxurious hotels and resorts. The capital also reeks of some of the most gorgeous art pieces in the world. You can shop for all the souvenirs, beach jewelry, and clothes from this city and also ride locally with the local transportation. You can book your traveling accommodations with Cleartrip and also avail discounts on them with the use of the Cleartrip coupon code UAE.


If you love nature, especially natural reservation programs, then Aldabra is the island to visit. This island is home to more than giant tortoise which is present in more than 150000 populations. It also has the world’s largest coral reef and is a world heritage. Thousands of visitors visit Adabra each year to view the best scenes of beauty and nature. If you have decided to visit this place, make sure to book your tickets in advance. Find the Cleartrip coupon code UAE to enjoy the lowest possible rates of air tickets.

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