Everything about Mumbai University- Courses, History and student’s life

Mumbai university

Mumbai, the economic capital of India is famous for so many reasons all over the world. Be it Bollywood, the manufacturing and IT hub, or a great tourist place, it attracts every kind of person. While millions of people from all around the world come here to try their luck in Bollywood, and another million come here in search of employment, thousands of students also come to get the best of education. Located near the Oxford of the east i.e. Pune, Mumbai hosts a lot of premier colleges like IIT Bombay, NarseeMonjee colleges of Management, and the world-famous Mumbai University. So let’s learn more in detail about the history of Mumbai University, what you need apart from Mumbai University transcript to go abroad, how student life is studying at Mumbai University and everything about Mumbai University


Established in the year 1857, it is one of the first three universities opened during the British era in India. It is based on the same model used by the British to educate in Europe and the education system of Mumbai University closely resembles that of the University of London. Already running Faculty of Arts at Elphinstone College and Faculty of Medicine at Grant Medical College were merged with the newly founded Mumbai University and became the first departments under MU to award bachelor degree. Mumbai university has witnessed great students including Mahatma Gandhi, B.R. Ambedkar, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Jamsetji Tata, Mukesh Ambani and so many other great personalities. Cornelia Sorabji, the first female advocate of India was also the first female graduate from Mumbai University in 1888.

Important Key Points

  • Till 1904 the main job of Mumbai University was only to give affiliations to colleges, design course curricula, conduct exams, and design guidelines for colleges.
  • Teaching departments and other research departments were established only after 1904.
  • During Independence time in 1949, there were 80 affiliated colleges and 42,272 students enrolled.
  • At present, the university has 56 departments, 2 main and 2 sub-campus, 12 specialized centers, and more than 780 affiliated colleges.
  • College offers a gym, sports center, digital classrooms, and healthcare centers facilities for students.
  • Mumbai university transcripts are easily available for students applying to a foreign university. Students can also apply for online transcripts.

Courses offered at Mumbai University

Being among the oldest universities in India, Mumbai University currently offers all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses that a student wants to pursue. The major faculties of Mumbai University are:

  1. Humanities
  2. Science and technology
  3. Commerce and management
  4. Inter-disciplinary studies
  5. Sports and Physical education, etc.

Process of Application for foreign studies after graduating from Mumbai University

Many students prefer to go abroad to an get even better education after graduating from Mumbai University. While there are many career counselors available in Mumbai that can guide the student to find the best course and college, they can also suggest the steps required to secure a college seat in your favorite foreign institute. The major documentations include mark sheets or Mumbai university transcript. You can either apply for online transcripts or by visiting a university or through external agencies. Submit these required documents to the foreign university, apply for immigration procedures, and then you are good to go.

Student’s life studying in Mumbai University

Mumbai is one of the most happening places in India. It is a city that never sleeps. So whenever you get free time out of your busy academic schedule, you have the option to enjoy both an urban lifestyle as well as to explore nature in nearby places. There are a lot of theme parks, hill stations, trekking points, and beautiful beaches that will always keep you entertained. Not to forget you will also be able to witness the very popular Ganesh Chaturthi celebration in Mumbai. But keep in mind, the city and very crowded that you will need to cope with.


One of the oldest and best universities in India provides a student with everything that he can desire. A world-class education, a great student lifestyle, practical exposure to the real world, and most importantly an unmatched student life experience. So if you are thinking to pursue your degree from Mumbai University, you can definitely go for it.

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